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Do economists shake the world?

Location Warsaw, Poland

Do economists shake the world? What are the economic ideas and economists influencing our lives?

Why in the UK, Germany and several other countries are struggling to change the way we teach economics? And how does it look in Poland?

For these questions we will try to answer at the meeting at Cafe Crisis, inspired by the economic Green News (https://issuu.com/zielonewiadomoci/docs/zielonewiadomosci28)

We will look at the environment, from which to one joy and despair the other economic knowledge (?) Sets off in the world.
So far, attendance at the meeting has confirmed:

– Grzegorz Konat, co-author of the book “Paradox of Economics, Conversations with Polish Economists”,

– Konstancja Ziółkowska, editor of Contact Magazine, graduate of the Faculty of Economics, University of Warsaw
Jędrzej Malko, author of “Economics and its Discontents”

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