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Festival for New Economic Thinking

Location Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Festival for New Economic Thinking is a collaborative initiative of several organizations, and aims to bring together those who seek to improve how economics is taught, studied and practiced.

The Festival for New Economic Thinking brings together organizations and individuals that seek to improve the way economics is taught, studied, and practiced. It provides a forum to share ideas and resources with students, academics and the wider public. With content from many organizations within the same large event space, participants can explore exhibits, watch screenings, take part in workshops, and learn from inspiring speakers. Actively celebrating and embracing different perspectives and schools of economic thought, the Festival for New Economic Thinking aims to provide fertile ground for the future of economics.


Rethinking Economics

Rethinking Economics is an international network of students, academics, professionals and citizens building a better economics in society and the classroom. Through a mixture of campaigning, events and engaging projects, Rethinking Economics connects people globally to discuss and enact the change needed for the future of economics.

Young Scholars Initiative

The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) is an international community comprised of students, young professionals, and researchers. YSI seeks to foster and support initiatives coming from young scholars who want to explore new approaches and build communities around new economic thinking.

Exploring Economics

Developed by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik), Exploring Economics is an online platform that makes digital courses in economics available. Unlike most economics departments, Exploring Economics takes a pluralist approach, and provides course materials on a wide variety economic perspectives.


Launched in October 2015 by founding editor Robert Kadar with support from Joe Brewer, David Sloan Wilson, The Evolution Institute, and Steve Roth, Evonomics has emerged as a powerful voice for the sea change that is sweeping through economics. Evonomics’ content attracts hundreds of thousands of readers a month, and it touches millions of people a week across the web.

The Minskys

Launched by graduate students of the Levy Economics Institute in 2016, The Minskys make out-of-the-box economics accessible for all. Articles provides fresh perspectives on pressing economic issues, and breaks otherwise complicated concepts down. While the blog pays homage to late economist Hyman Minsky, the blog’s content moves beyond the scope of his work.

History of Economic Thought Website

Fully developed by Gonçalo L. Fonseca, the History of Economic Thought Website provides an insightful and informative historical perspective on economics, made available to students, researchers and the general public. The project had its beginning in 1998, but was revised and expanded in 2014. Rather than an encyclopedia or a textbook, the website can be thought of as a “link tank” – pointing readers to available resources on economic theory.

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