3…2…1… Action! Get involved in revolutionising economics education now!

Words by Teresa Linzner, Promoting Economics Pluralism

Post the Crash, we seemed set for a revolution in economics. 10 years later and here we are – still waiting! So how best to bring about the long overdue revolution?

At Promoting Economic Pluralism, we think the answer is to legitimise the innovators outside the economic mainstream, rather than expect change to come from within. In order to do so, we want to co-create an accreditation system for masters courses taking a pluralist approach to economics. Having such an accreditation system in place shall help build a common identity for economic pluralists/pluralist economists; and most importantly an increased profile outside academia to be able to influence policy and practice.

The point of this is not to determine what economics is ‘right’ or which courses are ‘best’. It is to build a shared sense between those inside and outside of academia of what economic teaching looks like that fosters creativity and critical thinking to address real world issues. This type of teaching is already happening in many of the departments and centres where these innovators are as can be seen in the list of courses here.

To turn this idea into reality, we want to invite you to participate in actually co-creating the scheme. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to get involved in the detail or devote huge amounts of time to it. We will ensure people can give their views on the principles and broad approach as easily as possible. Please sign-up here to be involved and if you first want to find out more, sign up for a webinar here. And please make sure to also register your public support for this initiative here! It is crucial that we demonstrate a diverse and wide-ranging support for this initiative. Your voice matters. 

For more info about why we think this is the road to much needed change in economics check out our website and have a look at our latest blog here.

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