Ha-Joon lectures: a step in the right direction

Words by Daniel Lapedus

The Ha-Joon Chang filmed lectures were recorded from September 20-22nd 2017 – and they went down a storm!

Titled ‘Unsettled Issues’, the six filmed ‘MOOCs’ were attended by a group of twelve rethinkers from around the UK. Kiryl Zach, a rethinker from our Sheffield group who is now reading his PhD with Ha-Joon, attended the lectures and commented,

“The shooting of the lecture series has been, for me, an intensely satisfying event. It crowned many years of student and academic campaigning for truly pluralist curriculum, and seeing it finally coming together felt momentous. On the other hand the satisfaction also came from seeing what other participants enjoyed about it. For some students who were just starting their economics education it was interesting to see topics like the nature of economics, or its individualist focus, being discussed in economic lectures. During the breaks this propelled us to discuss topics ranging from housing and rent policy in London to student tuition fees to the political nature of the Pareto principle. And about our wishes about how the economics teaching should be changed; and finding out that some of the students who came from the Goldsmith have already experienced those changes. Thus, for me, the recording felt like a pluralist change in the making.”

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