RE at ‘The Curriculum Revolution: Changing the way economics is taught’

Words by Daniel Lapedus

On 27th November 2017 RE was delighted to take part in a panel discussion ran by The Economists Society at UCL. Around forty students filled the room for the lively debate between Liliann Fischer from Rethinking Economics, Wendy Carlin of the CORE curriculum, and Henry Leveson-Gower from Promoting Economic Pluralism.

Liliann is an editor of RE’s recently released textbook ‘An introduction to pluralist economics‘. She presented a summary of the book, and a thorough explanation of what pluralism is, what it isn’t, and why we believe it is an essential basis for economics education. A highlight was Liliann’s explanation that pluralist economics is hard to do, because it doesn’t provide a single ‘right answer’, but neither is it a case of ‘anything goes’. Instead it’s about allowing constructive dialogue between different perspectives, with the potential for change, co-operation and improvement of economics as a whole.

The debate led to lots of discussion between the panellists and the audience, and may have opened new possibilities for collaboration for a curriculum revolution in economics.

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