RE in The Times (again)

Words by Daniel Lapedus

We were featured in The Times this week (September 12th 2017).

“Frustrated by what they considered an intransigent establishment, they set up the Post-Crash Economics Society and campaigned for a course upgrade. They persuaded a sympathetic lecturer, Sakir Devrim Yilmaz, to teach Bubbles, Panics and Crashes outside the syllabus. They targeted the National Student Survey, lobbying undergraduates to score the economics course badly in an attempt to force change, and they launched a manifesto for a modern syllabus. The manifesto hit the mark. Joe Earle, Post-Crash’s co-founder, ambitiously had asked Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s counter-conventional chief economist, to write a foreword. He delivered four pages, declaring that “employers of economists, like the Bank, stand to benefit from such an evolution in the economics curriculum”, and the revolution went mainstream.

Post-Crash may have been the noisiest, but it was not the only body angling for change. Dissatisfied students formed groups across the country and overseas. Yuan Yang, a Cambridge student leader, set up a network, Rethinking Economics, which now has nearly 100 student associations in 30 countries.”

Catch up on the full article here

NB: Post-Crash Economics and Rethinking Economics merged in 2015 to form Rethinking Economics as we are now.

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