RE partners with BoE in Democratising Economics event

Words by Daniel Lapedus

On November 16th 2017, Rethinking Economics, and our sister group Economy, partnered with the Bank of England in their Future Forum in Liverpool, an event dedicated to democratising economics. The event was attended by all of the Bank’s governors, and provided an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about the economy. Everyone in attendance also took part in two Economy Toolkit sessions, all facilitated by enthusiastic RE volunteers.



RE’s Maeve Cohen commented “There’s still a lot of mystery, for example people don’t feel as though they have any power or understanding when the bank raises interest rates. They’re taking the right steps, but there’s still a long way to go.”

There was a also a satellite event held in Manchester hosted by the Post-Crash Economics Society, with senior employees from the Bank taking part in toolkit sessions with members of the public. Post-Crash’s chair Jack Hughes commented, “This has proved to be a big step for public engagement in economics. The event benefitted from the diverse experiences and backgrounds of attendees which produced a varied dialogue on how we look at the economy (and the Bank’s role within it). There were many crucial points made about how we communicate economic ideas, but these could be unified into a single broad message of making the economy tangible to people.

You can watch the whole main event below.


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