Rethinking Economics for Africa @ Wits University launch new three-part podcast

Words by Amaarah Garda, Rethinking Economics for Africa @ Witts University

The podcast series can be accessed here:

Rethinking Economics for Africa @ Wits University have supported the launch of a new 3-part podcast series outlining the challenges in the South African economy, as we battle with the coronavirus.

Kusini is a Kiswahili term meaning South.

Kusini is the media initiative of the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies (SCIS), a research unit based at the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Episode 1 discusses household income and poverty against the background of the state’s ability to support society’s vulnerable.

Episode 2 analyses how our nation-wide COVID lockdown aggravated the already disturbing levels of unemployment. The sociological effects of chronic unemployment and precarity are explored.

Episode 3 looks at the macroeconomic and institutional responses South Africa needs to cope with the pandemic.

Activist Shaeera Kalla hosts the podcast which includes the following guests:

– Michael Sachs (Southern Centre for Inequality Studies)
– Kirsten Pearson (Budget Justice Coalition SA)
– Ihsaan Bassier (PhD Candidate @ UMass Amherst, South African Labour & Development Research Unit Researcher)
– Lynford Dor (Casual Workers Advice Office)
– Thabang Sefalafala (Wits University Economic Sociology Lecturer)

The intersection between inequality and COVID-19 is the common thread through the insightful and often heartbreaking discussions the podcast offers.

The podcast series can be accessed here:


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