Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy | Rethinking Economics Support Team

Words by Ross Cathcart, Senior Organiser, RE Support Team


The Rethinking Economics Support Team take the health and safety of its members, staff, volunteers and people participating in Rethinking Economics events and other spaces very seriously.

This document lays out some recommendations that we suggest Rethinking Economics groups follow as well as laying out the new working arrangements for members of the Rethinking Economics Support Team.

Coronavirus basics

Based on the World Health Organization’s declaration that this is a public health emergency of international concern.

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

– a cough

– a high temperature

– shortness of breath

For more information on coronavirus, please follow the medical advice set by the country in which you reside. For example, please see the NHS website if you are based in the UK.

***If you are worried that you have these symptoms, follow the recommendations made by the medical authorities in your country of residence.***


Events within the Rethinking Economics Network

The Rethinking Economics Support Team strongly recommends that groups follow the recommendations set by the medical authorities in their country.

If it is recommended you do not meet in person, please either postpone the event or meeting or move it online (please get in touch at if you would support on this)

If there are no limitations at present on gatherings in your country of residence and you do run an event or meeting that brings people together in a Rethinking Economics space, please ensure that you:

– Remind participants that we are in a time of heightened risk of coronavirus

– Provide hand sanitiser and tissues, and immediately make participants aware of their location, and ask them to follow REPCE guidance on good hygiene practice

– Allow regular space and flexibility in itineraries for routine hand washing

– Make space for participants to share concerns around coronavirus procedures, ensuring everyone is aware of steps being taken and provisions offered


In addition, you should take the following steps to ensure any negative effects are minimised before your event takes place, including:

– Double check the cancellation policy of any hired venues, caterers or external providers, and cancellation clauses in contracts of contractors you are working with

– Remain alert to the increased likelihood that venues and contractors will cancel bookings, even if we do not – consider checking in with venues and contractors ahead of time and assess the security of bookings

– Share this Policy with any contractors, and ensure they are compliant with the added hygiene measures being taken, and aware of the heightened risk of cancellation/interruption

– If you need to cancel an event, make sure funders are kept up to date if this means you cannot deliver something that is required by their grant funding


Responding to an incident at an event:

– If a participant exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 at the training, they should be asked to isolate themselves immediately, please then follow the medical guidance in the country of residence.


**As the Rethinking Economics Support Team is not the legal organiser of most of the events that go on in the Rethinking Economics network, the above guidance are recommendations but we strongly urge you to follow them to ensure the safety of yourselves and those that you engage with.**


Rethinking Economics Support Team Working Arrangements 

Until further notice, all members of the Rethinking Economics Support Team will be working from home. They will still be contactable via email or Slack and will still be taking part in regular online calls.

Please get in touch as normal if you would like to speak with a members of the team or if you have any questions in regard to this document, by either emailing them directly or emailing

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