Update from the Rethinking Economics movement in Vietnam

Words by Andy Tran, Broaden Economics

Dear fellow Rethinkers,

Much has happened since the wonderful week in France 2018 at the RE Summer Gathering at France. It was a great together with many ideas shared about pluralist economics and the role of the discipline in our society. I am very happy to be a part of Rethinking Economics and a participant in the Summer Gathering.

Since then, two major significant have been organised in Viet Nam by Rethinking Economics members: Broaden Economics Conference 2018 and YSI Asia Convening 2019. Through these events, hundreds of young scholars in Viet Nam, Asia and the World were brought together to present at Vietnam National University (Ha Noi). We had a big party in economics!

In addition to this, we have been making great efforts to build an economic curriculum for high school students. We are excited to say that the first official course started earlier last year and now economics is being taught as a subject for students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 (from ages 14-15 to 17-18) for the very first time in Vietnam. The single most important thing way of thinking that we applied to these courses was openness, ensuring that we make the space for questioning all thoughts on economics.

The header to this blog is actually of one of our high school macroeconomics class where the students are presenting about Brexit and physiocracy.

And that’s our update of what has been going on to improve economics in Vietnam.

Keep Rethinking!

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