Working Weekend for new Rethinking Economics book

Words by Cameron Fay, Economics Education Campaign Manager, RE

On the weekend of 18th January, Ross and Cameron from the Rethinking Staff team spent three days in a small house outside Leiden, Netherlands with a small group of Rethinkers.

The purpose of the weekend was to get together with committed Rethinkers to discuss a draft manuscript for ‘Economy Studies’, written by Joris and Sam, alumni of Rethinking Economics Netherlands.

The book is based around a set of principles that underpin what a good Economics curriculum looks like, and a set of building blocks for creating courses. It builds on their work in ‘Thinking Like an Economist’, which assessed the Economics curricula across the Netherlands’ universities and found them lacking in key areas (this should come as no surprise to the Rethinking Economics network!).

Bringing together members of the network from RE Netherlands, RE Torino, the Netzwerk, Durham Society for Economic Pluralism, and others, the workshop served to foster debate over the purpose, content and function of the book, as well as discussions over publishing options and, perhaps most importantly, how to best involve the Rethinking Network in the production process.

The weekend ended on an upbeat note, with unanimous agreement that this is the sort of resource that the RE network needs to have at its disposal to back-up its calls for reforming Economics. We are looking forward to seeing how the project develops over the next few months and you should be too! We’ll be running some workshops on the areas covered in the books so watch this space!


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