Bust The Jargon

Help bust the jargon

Sick and tired of reading articles that are full of jargon designed to confuse people? Would you like to make economics more understandable? Why not help our sister group Economy?!

Economy is a website that includes de-jargoned economics news, education resources, research data and campaigning tools. This project will be based around their ‘Learn’ section.

What it is?

The Learn section of Economy is where someone who knows nothing about economics can be introduced to the subject. Divided into neat sections, visitors to the Learn section can discover how different parts of the economy affect them.

This easy to read section covers a range of often-used economics terms, that people might hear on the news everyday, but not understand. As simple as breaking down GDP through a cartoon, or writing a limerick about government bonds, the section is full of simple, yet perhaps silly, ways of understanding some key economics terms. It’s work in progress though, so why not join the team?

Why do it?

If elections are won and lost on issues that relate to the economy, and over 50% of the public do not feel confident about the words they’re hearing in the public sphere during election time, then there is a clear democratic deficit. Economy aims to reduce this.

Where do I sign up?

So, if you’d like to help bust the jargon, get in touch with daniel.lapedus@rethinkeconomics.org to find out more!