Community Crash Course

Community Crash Course in Everyday Economics

These participatory courses will empower participants to learn about economic concepts they may have found daunting, and will encourage them to think critically about economic reporting or policies. We want to help foster a critical public economics, but we need your
help to get there.

What it is?

Rethinking Economics organisers, in collaboration with the Economy website team, have devised a set of accessible economics lesson plans. These DIY lesson plans have been designed so that anyone can download them, get a group together, and learn about economics together. The lesson’s start from our day-to-day experience of living in the world, then branch out to economic ideas from there. They’ve been designed to be participatory, playful, and accessible to all.

Why do it?

You’ll be helping take Rethinking Economics one step towards our mission to ‘Democratise Economics’. Plus, running a course can be really fun… we know from experience! If you like talking about economics, discussing and questioning the ideas within it, and sharing knowledge with others, then facilitating one of these courses (or just stand-alone lessons!)
is right for you.

Where do I sign up?

The full set of lesson plans will be available for download in Autumn 2017, though some will
be up sooner! You can find out more on the Economy website here, or just email if you’ve got any more queries.