Economics for Change

Economics for Change is a student society at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to change the way economics is engaged with, to make it more relevant to a rapidly changing world. We provide a platform for students to cast opinions on how and why economics needs to change, both in the university and the wider world. We argue economics should be a subject that equips us with the intellectual tools to help solve society’s most pressing problems and right now, it’s not. Join us to help reshape economics to release its true potential!

We push for economics to better serve our world by:

ENGAGING students in the current economic framework and policy issues.

BRINGING TOGETHER those interested in the subject, to exchange knowledge and spread exciting initiatives and research around non-neoclassical economics.
CULTIVATING a mindset that will realigning the nature of economics, back to it’s problem-solving roots to address societal problems.
REFORMING our curriculum. The undergraduate economic syllabus can and must be improved.
RESHAPE. Mainstream economics has failed to provide adequate understanding of the multiple crises in our contemporary economies. Let’s push for the reformation of modern capitalism.
Membership is free. Join us!



Join us at our launch event on 24th January!