Hebrew University of Jerusalem Economics Forum

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem Economics Forum, is group of students for economics and PPE, especially at B.A studies, that works to change the current syllabus of the B.A in economics to a more advanced, and pluralist program. The group is one of the four groups active now in Israel, and more 60 groups around the world.
Our Mission:
1. The program of the first degree in economics will contain more classic, modern and interdisciplinary thinking, besides the neo-classical/neo-Keynesian models.
2. Become a community of independent-thinking and pluralist economists.
Our Activities:
1. Activists activities to change the current B.A program ,including studying different proposals to different first-degree programs in economics, negotiations with the University staff, and reaching-out activities to students for economics.
2. Arranging lectures about economics and different events in the campus and in the city.
3. Operating a Blog for economics, including publishing of interviews with the university staff.
4. Arranging seminars for students for economics.