Leeds Economics Society

OPEN Economics Leeds is a new group of like minded rethinkers with a wide range of backgrounds, interests and perspectives aiming to demystify, diversify and invigorate economics, based at Leeds University. 
This society is to discuss economics that matters, considering everything that is put forward. We do not want to rely on one sphere of thought but all of those available.


- Lectures by Lord Robert Skidelsky, Steve Keen, Gary Dymski, Stefan Kesting and others
- Pre-Brexit debate with Professor Jeremy Clegg, Labour M.E.P. Richard Corbett, Dr Marco Veronese Passarella and business leader Richard Sharp.
- Around 200 plus people attending our introductory event. Two talks, one by Professor Gary Dymski, the other by Professor Malcolm Sawyer
- Screening of 'Boom Bust Boom'
- Bi-Monthly student presentations and revision/discussion groups during exam season