Rethinking Economics Genova

The three steps of our story:

  • June 2014: I signed the Rethinking Economics Italia’s Manifesto (as an individual) and some months later I joined a RE Italia event with Colin Crouch, in Torino.
  • September 2015: Rethinking Economics Genova was founded and so recognized by Rethinking Economics Italia (so we got the logo I send you in attachment from the national network).
  • November 2015: First Rethinking Economics Genova event, about TTIP


Rethinking Economics Genova is an active member of Rethinking Economics Italia. We were not satisfied with the self-referential mainstream teaching in our university, so we joined this network. Starting from students and faculty members, our aim is to wake up all the people, spreading alternative perspectives in order to seek other ways of understanding the economy. Offering conferences, readings and public debates about contemporary issues and concepts, we open a window on heterodox economic theories and theorists. In following their paths, we want  bring into our university the theoretical, methodological and interdisciplinary pluralism that we need in the economics discipline.