Rethinking Economics Genève

Disappointed by our economics classes, we, a group of seven students in International Relations, want to show alternatives to the academic reality at the University of Geneva. In the form of conferences, film screenings and internal education directly to other students, or by « lobbying » at the economics department GSEM of our university. Three of us having a background in political youth parties (Young Socialists/Young Greens), equality, sustainability and humanity are in the center of our interest.

Barely even registered by the University of Geneva as an association, we managed to make our first ever event on 30th |November a big success. Whilst we were growing worried at the thought students would not show up after all the effort that went into this project in the end, a good number of people arrived and via livestream on both the Geneva and International Rethinking Facebook page we reached more than a thousand people.
The event started with presentations from our guest presenters; Professor Sergio Rossi from Fribourg, Harro Maas from Lausanne, Mary O’Sullivan who is head of a department here at our University and Marcelo Olarreaga, dean of the Geneva School of Economics and Management. We thought we had invited one heterodox and three mostly orthodox speakers but it turned out to be more complex than that. Mister Olarreaga presented himself surprisingly open to our concerns and decided to stay in touch with us in the months to come. We can also count on the support of Sergio Rossi, professor of macroeconomics and journalist for Le Temps.

Full of motivation to continue after this initial success we are once again focusing on preparing our petition and lecture circle and seeking support amongst our fellow students.



Group Photo Above: Zeno Bernhard, Luzian Franzini, Adrien Guisan, Laura Mancion Below: Simon Benthaus, Bertil Munk