Rethinking Economics Genève

Disappointed by our economics classes, we, a group of seven students in International Relations, want to show alternatives to the academic reality at the University of Geneva. In the form of conferences, film screenings and internal education directly to other students, or by « lobbying » at the economics department GSEM of our university. Three of us having a background in political youth parties (Young Socialists/Young Greens), equality, sustainability and humanity are in the center of our interest.


Upcoming Events:


  • Presentation of our group, 4th October 
  • Film screening (probably Boom Bust Boom) followed by discussion, week of the 16th October
  • Constitutional assembly; November



Group Photo Above: Zeno Bernhard, Luzian Franzini, Adrien Guisan, Laura Mancion Below: Simon Benthaus, Bertil Munk