How We Organise

Rethinking Economics is an international network of students, academics and professionals. We are a horizontal, diverse and international organisation that operates using consensus-based decision making. This ensures we remain volunteer-led, diverse and inclusive. How we work together to see these goals become a reality is explained here.


Local organising, taking place in over 40 universities in fifteen countries, is the lifeblood of our network. Students self-educate themselves by putting on events, lobby their departments for curriculum reform, and bring economics as it should be to schools and communities. Find your local group


As a network we are more than the sum of our parts: students from across the world work together to create shared resources which complement local organising. Explore Projects


Which projects we undertake and where we spend our energy is guided by our six committees. They are comprised of students passionate about a specific areas of work, and make decisions influenced by strategy agreed at our international organisers call. Become a network organiser.

Organiser’s Call

These happen less regularly than committees, but act as an opportunity for representatives of all student groups to formulate the strategy and direction of our network.


Running a global network is hard work, and students have other commitments; our small staff team are the ‘workhorses’ of RE and carry out day-to-day tasks that keep us ticking over.


As a registered charity, we have a small board of trustees comprised of past and present organisers. They ensure our network continues to perform our charitable remit and remains financially viable. Most often, however, you can find them mucking in with one of our projects.

Advisory Board

We are lucky to have the support of a number of professionals from the world of academia, charity law, policy-making, the press, accountancy and more. We meet biannually for an opportunity to ask questions and advice.

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