Who We Are

The RE Network

Rethinking Economics is an international network of students, academics and professionals building a better economics in society and the classroom.

Through a mixture of campaigning, events and engaging projects, Rethinking Economics connects people globally to discuss and enact the change needed for the future of economics, and to propel the vital debate on what economics is today.

Our People

Our Staff Team:

Based in Manchester:

Laura Bannister – Strategy – laura.bannister@rethinkeconomics.org

Laura is RE’s Head of Strategy, working to ensure that RE’s activities achieve our mission, and supporting the staff team with priority tasks. She also leads certain campaign initiatives, focusing on lobbying at the national level. She has worked in a wide range of organisations and sectors including politics, social justice campaigning, social care and banking. She is also a founder and co-director of World Basic Income, which works to address global inequality through direct cash transfers.

Daniel Lapedus – Communications – daniel.lapedus@rethinkeconomics.org

Daniel is RE’s Head of Communications. He started in November 2016 after graduating his Masters from the University of Leeds in Global Development & International Political Economy. Before this, Daniel co-founded the RE member group OPEN Economics Leeds whilst studying Economics & Philosophy, serving as president until the end of his studies. Daniel also works for our sister organisation Economy as the RE-Economy Network Coordinator. 

Laurence Jones-Williams – Operations – laurence.jones-williams@rethinkeconomics.org

Laurence started as Head of Operations in July 2017. He got involved with Rethinking Economics through their conferences that happened in Manchester, organised by the Post Crash Economics Society of Manchester.

Hannah Dewhirst – Membership – hannah.dewhirst@rethinkeconomics.org

Hannah started as Head of Membership in January 2017. She got involved with Rethinking through the Post-Crash Economics Society at Manchester whilst studying for her masters in Peace and Conflict Studies. Having previously studied PPE for her undergrad at Mansfield College, Oxford, Hannah strongly agrees with REs mission to reform economics education to create better economists for the future. She oversees the induction processes for individuals and groups from across the globe.

Rowan Mataram – Campaigns – rowan.mataram@rethinkeconomics.org

Rowan started working at RE as the Campaigns and Grassroots Movement Building Coordinator in July 2017. After several years of working on issues surrounding trade agreements and trade justice, she felt the need to look to the economic systems underpinning these agreements. Rowan oversees campaigns at RE, supporting groups and members on their activity or projects and to connect to the wider movement.


Our Trustee Board:

Yuan Yang

Alice Martin

Maeve Cohen

Daniel Youmans

Christine Berry

Marco Schneebalg

Laurie Laybourn-Langton

Ben Pringle

Aoife O’Leary

Rafe Martyn

Ben Glover

Our Advisory Board:

Lawrie Simanowitz

Lawrie is a lawyer at Bates Wells Braithwaite specialising in charitable organisations. His advice to Rethinking Economics has been invaluable when considering fundraising opportunities and writing contracts, as well as during our merger with Post-Crash Economics in 2015. He is also the Chair of 38 Degrees Trust, a UK-based progressive political activism organisation.

John Ashton

Now an independent speaker, John previously served as the UK Government’s Special Representative for Climate Change between 2006-2012. To Rethinking Economics, he provides expertise as we attempt to influence those institutions responsible for higher education policy. John is also a visiting professor at London School of Economics and SOAS, as well as serving asa Trustee for the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew  works as Grant Manager for the Friends Provident Foundation, one of Rethinking Economics’ core funders. Andrew’s support ever since Rethinking was established as a charity has been invaluable and he is always on hand to answer questions and provide feedback on our work.

Victoria Chick

Victoria is Emeritus Professor at University College London. Her contribution to our understanding of Keynes’s General Theory made her a respected member of the economics community. Victoria helps us understand the academic community and how we can ensure our voice is heard in these circles.

Dan Vockins

The New Economics Foundation, which Dan works for, have been a good friend of Rethinking Economics since our inception. Dan has a good understanding of how to build a strong network of voluntary organisers, and has contributed much to making sure our community feels ownership of Rethinking Economics.

Karel Williams

Karel is Professor of Accounting and Political Economy at Alliance Manchester Business School. Karel was also a director of the Centre for Research and Socio-Cultural Change a major ESRC research centre which ran between 2004-2014. Karel has been a great supporter of the student movement since its early days and provides crucial input which helps us develop our strategy effectively.

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