How the Network supports you

Rethinking Economics connects people globally to discuss and enact the change needed for the future of economics. We are also committed to actively supporting our organisers enact change on a local level. We learn from one another at regional skill shares, offer our members the opportunity to attend events on behalf of the network, and have a pot of funding so students can put on their own large-scale events:

Skill Sharing

Within our network is an abundance of learning and skills. The network offers skill sharing opportunities within regional hubs so that member groups can get together and learn from one another. Funding is available for transport to these skill sharing days. See our calendar of upcoming events

Speaking Opportunities

Our events are designed to be accessible for everyone  we therefore provide travel bursaries and free tickets as well as other support for all of them, wherever possible. We are also committed to supporting organisers attend thirdparty events on behalf of Rethinking Econimics. See our calendar of upcoming events

Local Group Funding

Within RE we have a pot of money specifically to provide financial assistance for local member groups to help them with putting on local events and running projects. The finance committee will work with each local group to help produce an application and also help groups explore other potential funding options. Get in touch to find out more

Organisers' bulletin

Our bi-weekly update to Rethinkers; keep up to date with organisers’ activities from around the world, plus hear about events, jobs, essay prizes and more.


We offer organisers the opportunity to be part of an exciting project building a better economics at the local, national or international level. We have something for everyone, whether you’re interested in writing evidence-based reports, bringing economics to schools and communities or something completely new. Explore our projects here.

Helpful resources

Does your local group need posters and stickers to spark the imagination of fellow students? Have you been looking for a concise description of why we need to reform the curriculum? Do you want to set up the next RE local group, but don’t where to start? We have a treasure chest of useful documents right here.

Finding you new opportunities in the movement

Do you want to get involved in the global movement to improve economics education? Rethinking Economics can link you to research, employment and voluntary opportunities for you to engage in the campaign. For example, take a look at our partners Exploring Economics and become an editor today!