Why Rethink Economics

Economics in universities is narrow, uncritical and detached from the real world. It is dogmatically taught from one perspective as if it is the only legitimate way to study the economy. There is no room for the critical discussion and debate that is essential for any student to engage with real world economic problems. Seminars are focused on memorising and regurgitating academic theory, whilst exams test how well students can solve abstract equations.

On top of this, we found in a recent YouGov poll that only 12% of the public feel like the media and politicians talk about economics in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. Elections are fought and won on economics, whilst social policy is formed on how people think it will affect the economy. If people don’t understand what politicians are doing and who they are voting for, this is a real problem for democracy.


Economics as it should be

In society

Citizens confident in discussing economic issues and applying the basic tools of economic analysis are citizens confident in holding economic decision-makers to account. Join us in democratising economics through creative, jargon-free workshops and classes.

In the classroom

Today’s economics students are tomorrow’s policymakers - we think it’s vital that they are trained to think critically, independently and with an understanding of the real-world. Help us campaign for a better economics education.
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