Bust The Jargon

Help bust the jargon

This easy to read, short booklet will cover a range of often-used economics terms, that people might hear on the news everyday, but not understand. As simple as breaking down GDP through a cartoon, or writing a limerick about government bonds, this booklet will be full of simple, yet perhaps silly, ways of understanding some key economics terms. It’s work in progress though, so why not join the team?

What it is?

This project is a beautifully simple one. We want to take the most commonly used economics ‘jargon’ words that are used in the news, and figure out a really simple, accessible way to explain them. That could be through a diagram, a poem, a comic strip, or just a short and simple sentence. Then, put these in a booklet, publish it, and spread the understanding!

Why do it?

Whilst the idea is there, and easy to realise if we try, it is in its’ early stages and it needs some people power to get it off the ground. You could get involved just with creating copy, bouncing ideas around, doing illustrations… or even take on the project fully as its’ project lead!

Where do I sign up?

So, if you’d like to help bust the jargon, get in touch with public-education@rethinkeconomics.org to find out more!