Exploring Economics

Exploring Economics is an open-source and bottom up e-learning platform for economics. You can discover and study a variety of economic theories, methods and topics.

Our motivation. Disappointed by the lack of pluralism and innovation in economic teaching, students and young scholars developed Exploring Economics. The open-access e-learning platform intends to shift the teaching of economics away from its prevailing mono-disciplinary and one-sided state towards an open, interdisciplinary and pluralist approach. Exploring Economics responds to the international appeal of students and scholars for a fundamental change in economics that has been re­inforced by the financial crisis.

Our Approach. The e-learning platform offers an introduction to pluralist economics (orientation), it aggregates online accessible learning material (discover) und lists online study courses from throughout the world (study). Currently, we register about 500 visitors a day, who access ca. 300 learning materials.  Following the open-access and bottom-up approach of Exploring Economics, new learning material is developed within writing workshops, summer schools and seminars in a decentralized way.

Join us. Exploring Economics is not only a webpage – it’s a worldwide community of students, lecturers and institutions with the shared vision to create a future-fit economic science.

Become an Editor. As an editor you scout, review and produce new material for Exploring Economics. You will be included in the international editor team and publish abstracts and comments on the website and our social media channels. Eventually, you can also produce new material and publish it on our e-learning platform.

Become an Editor

Organize a writing workshop. The goal of a writing workshop is to encourage an active examination of a topic or a perspective of pluralist economics and at the same time produce material for Exploring Economics.

Organize a writing workshop

Join our multiplier network. As a multiplier you can facilitate the promotion and institutionalisation of Exploring Economics in your country and participate in the translation of the e-learning platform in various languages. As a student group you can use and promote the e-learning platform in front of students and lecturers. You can even foster an intuitional cooperation between your university and Exploring Economics. If you are interested in any of these possibilities, write us an email and we will try to realise the idea together!

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