The Curriculum Project

The Curriculum Project

What should an alternative economics curriculum look like? It’s easy to say that the status quo needs to change, but harder to come up with a concrete picture of your ideal situation. That’s the problem that The Curriculum Project – a collaborative group of academics and students – aims to combat.

We are looking to do two things:

1. Provide educational resources that can supplement and broaden existing teaching.
2. Demonstrate the viability of pluralist approaches to economic teaching.

To that end, we are currently producing two complementary modules, which will be easily accessible online. One, on the History and Philosophy of Economics, is headed by Lord Robert Skidelsky and the other, Unsettled Issues in Economics, is headed by Ha-Joon Chang.

The first module, History and Philosophy of Economics looks to provide an overview of the development of economic theory. It will be looking particularly at how economic ideas and practices have developed over time, the broader philosophical trends and debates that have underpinned these changes, and why the insights of other disciplines are crucially important to economics.

The second, Unsettled Issues in Economics, takes a more practical look at how economic theory applies to modern-day dilemmas, and the difficulties this poses. It will examine controversies in economics that have stood through the ages, why some of them may never be resolved, and why this calls for a pluralistic approach to tackling them.

For those interested in helping to contribute to these two modules, or to developing the curriculum further, please email for more information.