Bajando Economía

We are a group of students assembled to discuss the economy and politics. We believe that in society, discussion of economic-related topics is required to achieve a better quality of democracy. At present our continent is going back to the same deficient policies that ruined our economy and, in our opinion, one of the main causes is that people are being deceived by the media and by theorists in economy who have a lack of social and historical perspective.



At university, we only learn mainstream recipes without a critical perspective: just an abstract theory that doesn´t work in our country as it has already been proved. Once we obtain our diploma, we will be incompetent to comprehend and therefore to be able to lead our economy towards a more inclusive and democratic system. We believe our view has a lot of strength, with more people aboard every year trying to find a new way to understand Latin-American problems. A curriculum reform is essential in order to open new theory paths.