Broaden Economics Vietnam

Broaden Economics is a pluralist economics research program based at Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR), School of Business and Economics, Vietnam National University.


We aim to demystify and diversify economics in the public eye; to educate ourselves and other students in a more reflective economics; and to promote a politics of responsibility with academic economists in Vietnam. By our slogan – “Broaden economics for a better society”, we hope that Broaden Economics will contribute our works for a better society in Vietnam in the future.


In the afternoon of March 23th 2017, Broaden Economics organized the Seminar "History of political economics in the 20th century" as the first topic in our series "The battle of ideas".
The Seminar attracted a number of students and lecturers from the universities in economics and politics in Hanoi.

At the beginning, Mr. Tran Manh Cuong, Co-founder of Broaden Economics, introduced the group and purpose of the seminar. Broaden Economics was established with the aim of researching non-neo-classical schools of macroeconomic thought and to demystify and diversify economics in the public eye. The Seminar, one of the products of Broaden Economics is built, developed and monthly organized to popularize basic knowledge about economics to students, young scholars.

After the introduction, a documentary film about the history of political economics, stretching from the early twentieth century – the 1st world war to the early 1970s was shown. The attendants can see the change of thoughts in the economics: victory, rejection and resurrection, as well as its close connection to the political events in the world.

Finally, participants reviewed the film and discussed some questions prepared by Broaden Economics.

Please see below for pictures from the event.