Centro de Economía y Políticas Sociales

The Center for Economics and Social Policy (CEAS) is an interdisciplinary academic research center that integrates disciplines such as anthropology, economy, geography, engineering, public policy and sociology, amongst others. We specialize in the study of inequality, economic development and wellbeing, using a variety of methodological approaches: qualitative and quantitative analysis, theoretical models and experimental games.


Our mission is to carry out scientific, social, interdisciplinary research in a rigorous, relevant and innovative way to address society’s main concerns about inequality, economic development and social welfare.


Our main research topics are poverty, inequality, elites, wellbeing, public policy, labor market, education, health, environment, behavioral economics, experimental economics, gender and feminist economics, urban studies, indigenous population and time use. CEAS wishes to create deep bonds with the national and international academic community through the organization of academic seminars, international collaboration visits, international conferences and a permanent dialogue with social, economic and political organizations.