Consejo Estudiantil de Economía UPTC

Since 2013 and based in Tunja, Colombia, in the “Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia” the “Consejo Estudiantil de Economía” it’s a research and discussion group on the teaching of Economics in Colombia. We are concerned about the content, methodology and history of economics teaching, and promoting pluralism inside the University. In our Conferences and Seminars we offer a different point of view that students can’t find in the normal classes. We understand Economic Science beyond the reductionist definition given by Robbins (1932), and know that there are elites and economics interest groups that shape what is taught in economics text and courses.


There are six principles in our organization: 1) Respect, 2) Critical Thinking, 3) Democracy, 4) Pluralism, 5) Excellence and 6) Humanism. We want to fight armed with knowledge against the mainstream, and promote, not only in our University but also, in our Country the pluralism and social knowledge of #WhatEconomistsReallyDo for the “common good”. The need to link with students and worldwide networks is what we need to learn more.


Almost twice each month, our group have a meeting and discussion about our Economics undergraduate program, and some readings. With Econphatía (an initiative of student’s newspaper) we share news related to pluralism in Economics on Facebook.


Our University supports the “Semana de la Economía” (Economics Week) with some financial aid. It’s an space to discuss about Heterodox Economics and Pluralism inside the Academia. This year, we are going to get support with the “Consejo Nacional Profesional de Economía” (Professional Council on Economics) in this event. They are going to provide financial aid and Conferences.

In 2016, we organised the "Pre-Congress of Economic Science" in Tunja, with students from around the country. Every year there is a “Semana de la Economía”, in our University, promoted by us.