Edinburgh University Society for Economic Pluralism (EUSEP)

The goal of EUSEP is to challenge the dominance of one way of thinking about economics. We are wary of mainstream economics’ questionable ability to account for reality and we are concerned by the lack of critical perspective of its core assumptions, methodologies and of its potential ideological biases. Mainstream economics has monopolised the market for economic ideas and set up barriers to entry through its apparent complexity and mathematical sophistication.


Weekly events free for everyone to attend (Reading groups every 2 weeks, Guest lectures every other week); Organised a "Rethinking the Economics Curriculum" Economics Forum with academic staff.

We aim to challenge the neoclassical hegemony by placing mainstream economics under unparalleled scrutiny, promoting marginalised heterodox schools of thought and the history of economic thought. In rethinking the economics curriculum in this way, we aim to put economics back in its rightful context, open to critical review by all.