Expanding Economics McGill

Our end goal is to establish a formal lobby at McGill to advocate for the integration of more pluralism in the University’s economics programs.

Along the way, we hope to engage students’ interests in non-orthodox approaches to studying economics through social media, campus events and word of mouth. Most of our goals for the 2018-19 year pertain to sufficiently setting up a foundation for sustainable operation in the coming years. Our vision extends beyond the lifespan of a typical university degree, so we need to make sure we can survive beyond that! A highlight from our activity last year was a successfully organized panel discussion with a number of heterodox economists who discussed their perspectives engaged in debate. Our most substantial annual goal is to repeat an event of this nature later this year.


- Gained formal club status and official recognition from McGill University
- Successfully organized the second annual panel discussion on heterodoxy and pluralism in economics
- Launched podcast series