Minerva Global Hub

We are globally-minded students who imagine a more inclusive world economic system. Recognizing that our strength lies in our diversity, we harness what we learn from each other and the places we visit, and are committed to put into practice the best ideas for a just economy.


Our founding members are students of Minerva Schools at KGI, and our meetings take place once every two weeks in the different cities we line in as part of our global rotation.


One great achievement has been the creation of a Pluralist Economics Fellowship in partnership with the Netzwerk Plurale ökonomik and their online platform Exploring Economics. Where successful Fellows become contributing editors to the site and produce original essays. For more information check out the full document here. This is the first year the scheme has run, but so far their progress, overseen by a mid-term workshop got fantastic feedback from both the Netzwerk and the Minerva Economics faculty who attended!



Here are some of fabulous first Pluralist Economics Fellows! 2 of whom are Minerva professors!