Mulkiye Economics Society (SBFEcon)

Our beloved science cannot use the respected title of “Queen Of The Social Sciences” recently because of the vast amount of failed predictions, rusty macroeconomic models and whatsoever you want to add up this blank. That hamstrings all of us and we are willing to change that.



Economics has always been an interdisciplinary case that has ability to explain and describe the world we know in a natural way of thinking. We want to remind that to all of our fellow students of “Mulkiye”, and after a few steps, to all economics students of our country. We think that pluralism in economics is a must, and we have to act to develop it.



We have organized TÜOBİK (Yearly Independent Student Congress Of Economics) 6 times in its 13 years history.

To accomplish this SBFecon organises a variety of seminars, workshops, meetings and also attends annual congresses to cultivate pluralism and pluralist thinking for all social sciences students, in addition to alternative economics classes run for its members and fellow students.