Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.)

The Network for Pluralist Economics (NPE) is a coalition of students, lecturers and researchers in economics who are deeply concerned about the current state of their discipline. Economics in Germany is dominated by a monoculture of thought that structurally prevents different approaches from being addressed in the research and teaching of economics, proposes one-sided policies, and limits the thinking of the next generation of decision makers. The Network intends to promote pluralism of economic theories and methods, to highlight the solution of real-world problems, and to enhance self-criticism and openness among economists.

The Network deliberately goes beyond the scope of professional discussions among economists and tries to involve civil society, politics, and the general public. It has more than 400 members, most of them are organised within one of our many active student groups. Those groups (around 35)  were founded at universities all over Germany, in Austria, Suisse and the Netherlands.

More information, recent and upcoming events can be found on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and on Exploring Economics. Happy to see you there!