Observatorio de Políticas Económicas

OPES is a center of thought composed of graduates and students of economics that performs applied research and dissemination focused on the development and implementation of public policies.

Also, seeks to contribute to overcoming the current extractivist, sexist economic model of extreme concentration of wealth and dispossession of social rights; moving towards a new development model based on gender equity in social, cultural and economic terms, in the protection of labor and social rights, in overcoming the pattern dependent on natural resources, in the establishment of a new role for the State in the conduction of the economy and the discussion of diverse forms of property, which overcome the unique paradigm of individual private property.

In OPES we are planning an event about the thinking in Chilean economics structure, present the book that we are working and invite some relevant economist with a heterodox approach.


- Producing work documents: We are working in develop apply research about gender, social policies and development economics.
- Diffusion about economic Knowledge: We are working in a book about the main characteristic that defines the Chilean economics. We seek to make people understand the economics problems in Chile.
- We are working in a collaborative work with “Bajando Economía” to develop a work area in re-thinks the mainstream in economics teaching.