RE Belgium

As the Belgian branch of Rethinking Economics, we are focused on two main goals :
Firstly, inside academia, we are trying to provide alternatives to the omnipresence of neoclassical theory in economics teaching by advocating curriculum reform. We consider the criticism allowed by a pluralist curriculum in economics, the basis for a real scientific debate in the discipline and further, for a real democratic debate in economic policy making. For this to happen, pluralism must be threefold : theoretical, methodological and disciplinary.
And secondly, not just in the academia but in society in general, our group is looking to promote and teach a real-world view of what the economy is, and suggest some of the ways in which it can be made to better serve society. We achieve such goals by organising every year several workshops, lectures, debates and conferences, and by sharing freely accessible economics material online through different social media
And we have three local groups that make up our network;
Economics Louvain-la-Neuve
Rethinking Economics Brussels
and Rethinking Economics Ghent