Rethinking Economics NL (Netherlands)

Society is facing huge challenges; climate change, growing inequality and poverty. Economists not only play a key role in addressing these issues, but are also at the forefront of societal change, in the role of journalists, politicians or managers.

At the same time, our experience of Dutch economics education is that it does not prepare us for these future-leading roles. There is a fundamental lack of attention to different theoretical approaches and academic disciplines and hardly any attention is paid to the real economy.

We therefore organise events with (inter)-national speakers, write articles and contributed to the annual book of the Royal Netherlands Economics Society, which in 2016 was entirely dedicated to economics education.

We conducted a national curriculum report – Thinking Like an Economist – on the state of economics teaching in the Netherlands this year. Our curriculum research publication and tour of 9 Dutch universities, was also accompanied by the launch of our brand new website, . When visiting this website, you will not only find a comprehensive overview of what is wrong with Dutch curricula; you will also find alternative educational materials that make studying economics what it should be: inspiring, engaging, messy, and fun! For all of those Rethinkers that feel more comfortable reading Dutch, een Nederlandse versie zal jullie tegemoet treden op 19 mei aanstaande!


On May 7th 2018, we published our much anticipated curriculum research “Thinking like an Economist?”! The research investigates to what extent Dutch economics bachelor curricula prepare students well for the role they are about to play in society as economists.

And on the 19th we ran a one day Festival - which included a reenactment of the infamous Keynes V. Hayek Rap battle!