IDEAS (Interadaptative Debating Economics Academic Society)


Our mission is to provide to the academic community and society with a space for debate, where everyone’s ideas about both diverse and socioeconomic contemporary issues are taken into account. This space will offer a voice to all areas of knowledge, put in doubt the preset economic core guidelines and motivate a critical and pluralist ideological change through debate. We will focus on making economics accessible and oriented towards modern problems in order to encourage the growth of a diverse network and the blooming of ideas that can contribute positively to society.



Our first and main activity is to gather Econ students from schools and institutes within the country at a Conference to be held on the campus of our University. We are planning this full day reunion for next semester (Spring 2018). The objective is to invite scholars from diverse academic areas such as: Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, and Economists to talk about how every of this branches can better explain diverse aspects of human behaviour and therefore, Economics. Additionally, we will encourage participants (Professors and students) to participate in roundtable discussions on the structure of the different academic curriculums we have in the country, and how to improve them.

The conference will make the group relevant for the Ecuadorian Academia as well as for Economics students. The concept of pluralisms does not exist in Ecuador, so our mission after the meeting is to start a much needed debate in the society who’s looking for fresh ideas to overcome the current Economic crisis.