Real World Economics at Bristol

RWE is a group that aims to form collective body that engages critically with the Economics taught at University and presented in the media. We aim to provide a channel to connect Bristol with the movement for curriculum change and pluralism in social sciences, corresponding with politics and philosophy departments as well as the hard sciences, such as physics.


Past Events:

Dr Luis Correia - Gave a speech on the outlook for international trade policy in a post-Trump world. He offered his viewpoint on "America First" and the inevitability of globalisation regardless of the rising popularity of protectionism.

Dr Thorsten Beck - Gave a speech on the implications for European Cross-Border banking regulation. He offered insight on how Brexit's impacts on the banking sector might differ in a soft or hard Brexit scenario, whilst also debunking some common myths of the 2007 financial crisis.

We want to widen the engagement of economics to other disciplines, encourage creative thinking from alternate points of views and try and build a real community around the subject. The group is moderated to be: non-partisan, accessible, inclusive, collaborative and respectful.