Red de Estudios Nueva Economía

Red de Estudios Nueva Economía (ENE) is an interdisciplinary network and a critical think-tank composed by professionals, students and teachers on economics and other social sciences, organized to critically analyze and change Chile’s neoliberal model and support social movements in their struggles for a better living.

ENE was founded by students of the University of Chile during the student strikes and mobilizations that paralyzed the country in 2011. Since then, the organization has grown and is present in the Chile’s three major cities (Santiago, Concepción and Valparaíso) and have started building networks with other groups in the Latin-American region.

We have our own Academic Journal published on yearly basis; we hold a very popular and free “summer school”, a course on the Open University of Recoleta, and during the year we organize and participate in different seminars and congresses lecturing on diverse topics relevant to our country’s social struggles.