Rethinking Economics Carnegie Mellon University

Rethinking Economics CMU is a student organization that seeks to instill diversity of perspective and heterogeneity of thought into economics education.


Within most academic institutions, economics is taught within a single framework – the neoclassical approach – as though it is the only valid way to study the economy. Classes generally involve a few abstract models that are memorized and used to analyze toy problems. We believe economics should be taught critically, acknowledging that every problem can be attacked from many angles. Any institution serious about economic education should teach the many different “schools” of economic thought in order to produce well rounded students with a larger set of analytical tools. Approaches to economics are tied to the racial, sexual, gender, etc identity of the economist and it is therefore critical to ensure that these identities are well represented.


Our goal as an organization is to alleviate these problems with economics education at CMU. In order to do this, we will bring students together to learn about all the other economic theories that we weren’t taught in school. We also will push for change throughout CMU to improve diversity of thought and identity within departments and within coursework.