Rethinking Economics Ghent

We are a group of motivated students and citizens who are concerned about what kind of economics we are being taught at our university. Via organizing lectures, debates, documentaries, reading groups, etc. we want to inform students, citizens (& ourselves) more about heterodox economic thought, and learn to look at our economy and the economic discipline from (a) different perspective(s).


Our hope is to reinforce the international Rethinking Economics movement that is asking for a more pluralistic curriculum and to familiarize students in economics with enough heterodox schools of thought to genuinely understand economic problems.


Our first event was a panel debate on 1 October about Kate Raworth’s book Doughnut Economics. We had a fantastic turnout and lively discussions, check out the pictures below!
Also, in order to promote the event and to raise visibility of our group we renamed some auditoria after inspiring heterodox economists!