Rethinking Economics Italia

Rethinking Economics Italia is a student network that has existed since the end of 2013. We promote theoretical and methodological pluralism, as well as an interdisciplinary approach in economics education, both inside and outside universities.  It provides students with a space where they can discuss alternative economic theories to the mainstream. RE Italia has many active local groups in numerous Italian universities:

If a group is missing at your university, take the chance and contact us to start one! And keep an eye out because in the fall we will be hosting sessions at the Cinema and Finance Festival in Firenze, at ‘Giornate di Economia’ promoted by Marcello de Cecco association and at the 2018 conference of Società Italiana degli Economisti, in Bologna.


Recently, jointly with the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) we organised a pre-conference and hosted a Rethinking Economics session at STOREP's 15th annual conference in Genoa, you can find some pictures here ,¬if_t=scheduled_post_published.