Rethinking Economics Lausanne

The student organization Rethinking Economics Lausanne was founded in November 2019. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the students of the University of Lausanne, our board of 10 motivated volunteers arose quickly from different fields of study, such as Economics, Business, Political Science, Information Systems or History.


Being a complex and contextual subject, Economics requires a variety of approaches to understand its unique mechanisms. We share the view that a pluralist vision of Economics is needed to tackle the social problems of today. Besides pluralism of theories and methods, it is our concern to explore interdisciplinary approaches to economics. In the spring semester 2020 we will read “Rethinking Economics: An Introduction to Pluralist Economics” in our reading group. We are looking forward to eventually organising a lecture cycle about different schools of economic thought in the autumn semester, as well as various public events in Lausanne to share our vision.