Rethinking Economics Poznan

We are a community of students, academics and trade union members committed to greater pluralism of schools of thought, critical thinking and real world application of economics theories. Our aim is to popularize and revitalize alternative approaches to economics both in academia and in public debate. We feel that there is a great need for such a project, given the absolute domination of the neoclassical economics in public debate in Poland. In our opinion mainstream economics doesn’t prepare students and decision-makers to properly understand and answer to the challenges that we are facing in XXI century, such as climate change, growing income inequality, political instability, etc..

We are hoping that the creation of Rethinking Economics – Poznań will encourage students in other Polish universities to join the movement for a greater pluralism in economics. Membership is free, so join us!


So far we have:
* Organized three editions of Poznań Summer School in Heterodox Economics, which has proven to be very successful,
* Stared a reading group in November 2018 focused on history of economics thought,
* Closely cooperated with “Heterodox” Publishing House and earlier this year published a Polish version, also the first very translation of, "Rethinking Economics: An Introduction to Pluralist Economics”.
* Many more projects are coming!

We are affiliated with the Publishing House “HETERODOX” (In Polish: Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne “HETERODOX”)