Rethinking Economics Ecuador – Foro de Economía Alternativa y Heterodoxa

History has shown that mainstream education and application of economic theory has failed to explain most of the important events in the local and international economy. As economics students we believe it is our duty to rethink the base of economic assumptions and incorporate new ideas that have a multidisciplinary approach, in order to develop new streams of economic thinking that can deal with the challenges of our generation. Finally, we understand this is a global problem, and think it is better to connect with students across the planet who share our objectives so we see in Rethinking Economics, a perfect place to be part of, to achieve these goals.
We are a group of economics students and professors from different universities (PUCE, UCE, UTE, UASB, UDG, UTPL, and more) who, like many others, are dissatisfied with economic theory, as we are aware of what this causes in society and policies around the world.
The Forum of Alternative and Heterodox Economics and Rethinking Economics, organize lectures and talks, in order to improve economic debate in our country. In 2018, the year of foundation of the Forum, we organized a national conference cycle about the history and explaining of financial crisis, with the presence of Professor Steve Keen.
In conclusion, our goal is the redefinition of the postulates of that economic theory, through the exercise of the academic debate and the creation of knowledge and thus contribute positively and influence to the leaders of every field in which the economic theory take part.


- Hosted Steve Keen to visit for an international conference
- Co-wrote and signed a letter to the President of the Republic on the need for new economic thinking