Rethinking Economics Uppsala

Rethinking Economics Uppsala will create an open and welcoming space for debate pertaining to economics and the teaching of economics within Uppsala, with a particular interest in sustainability. Our key goals will be to:

*Provide a space for pluralist economic debate among students at Uppsala universities.

*Pursue active and meaningful change in the teaching of economics through collaboration with university professors and administrators.

*Engage with the wider Uppsala community in an inclusive and approachable manner, via economics discussions and lectures outside the university setting.

We also collaborate with RE Sweden, based in Stockholm.


We will hold meetings on both Uppsala University (UU) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) campuses.

We intend to work closely with both UU and SLU. The CEMUS organisation will help us bridge the two Uppsala universities. CEMUS is student led and multi-disciplinary, will be able to host our events and provide contacts & further information to us.

We are also working to collaborate with the economics student body at UU, Uppsalaekonomerna They are currently organising events based on sustainability within business and have recently posted : “A sustainability revolution is under way in Uppsala and you can join the trip! Recently, more and more dissertation economists have begun to respond to the absence of a climate and sustainability perspective in economics education at Uppsala University. Now it's time to change this!”