University of Stirling Economics Society

Our mission statement, as described in our constitution, is to provide a platform for those interested in economics and its discussions in the University of Stirling. In the process, we aim to create a fun and social environment.

We usually host two types of events: lectures and activities. For our lectures, we try to bring different academics to talk about their field of expertise, after the lecture we usually open the floor for questions. We have been lucky enough to have experts talk about topics as diverse as the future of bitcoin, the possible economic connection to the surge of the Trump “phenomenon” or the role changing demographics will affect the labour market and the economy as a whole. Our other type of event, the activities, usually revolve games, discussions or socials.

For the upcoming year, we are planning to organise, with help from our Economics department, an economics conference within the grounds of our university. Furthermore, we are planning to give thematic continuity to our lectures by framing all topics upon at least one the three following topics: economic inequality, the economics of climate change and feminism.