The new book from De América Soy

De America Soy are launching their new book Economia en Crisis!

Economy in crisis: The teaching of economics in Latin America and the limits of orthodox theory considers the particular economic, political and social environments of countries within Latin America and looks at how one of the causes of the perpetuation of the neoliberal paradigm is the teaching of economics.

Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations

Today’s economies fail to recognise that we are in a rapidly worsening crisis, reproducing and often worsening vast and harmful inequalities between people and countries. The current models are unsustainable, and at a time when global temperatures are rising and divides are deepening, humanity is left in a rapidly worsening situation of its own making, the destruction of the living world, which will make large parts of the earth uninhabitable.

The struggle to reclaim economics could not be more crucial – our futures depend on it. This book explains how it can be done.

Economy Studies Toolkit
Available Online

A toolkit for the (re-)design of economics courses and curricula,
emerging from the worldwide movement to modernize economics education.

Pandemic, climate collapse, racial injustice and inequality have brought the world to a crossroad. Governments have turned to economists for answers to these threats, but has our economics education done enough to prepare them for this vital role?

Rethinking Economics is an international network of students and recent graduates building a better economics for the classroom, with the support of academic allies. Through a mixture of campaigning, events and engaging projects, Rethinking Economics connects people globally to enact the change needed for the future.

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Rethinking Economics International

Rethinking Economics International, is the student-led non-profit organisation that works to support the global network to change economics education. 

Founded in 2011 in the UK, we work to empower and grow individual student organisers, local groups and national networks around the world to reform our economics curricula; diversify and decolonise the discipline and build a community of future-focussed economists.

Rethinking Economics International is made up of a dedicated staff team, board of specialised trustees and a democratically-elected Members’ Council.

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Local groups working together is a key component to our mission of achieving a critical, open, and pluralist curriculum for everyone.

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